Thursday, 17 December 2009

Solar Executive

SOLA/PV/Thin Film....My candidate is a successful executive with extensive cross cultural corporate skills and strategies; he has firsthand experience building international divisions for his own and other businesses. He is a hands-on manager with extensive technical understanding of advanced Structural Plastics, PV Thin Film, Engineering and Finance.

Sector Experience PV & Thermal Renewables, Defence, Automotive and Building Materials. £NEG.....
CN18655  ...UK

Project Manager

Successfully managed a number of offshore projects within Oil & gas and Renewables, mainly dealing in the fibre optic cable sector, 211km of 33kV power and fibre optic sub-sea cable for Fluor, Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind farm. This project included unique topside pull in head terminations designed specifically for their installation vessels and Turbine structures 7-off 15kV power and fibre optic subsea cables for Hyundai Heavy Industries, ADMA-OPCO, Umm Shaif field in the Gulf of Arabia with associated top side terminations.
CN18656   ...UK

Senior Site Manager

Working between the Operations and Service departments, he reports to the HoP, Part of his responsibility is to ensure a smooth handover of fault free turbines from the Operations department to the Service department and ultimately the Client. Looking for a more senior position.
CN18687  ... UK or USA