Wednesday, 20 January 2010

SENIOR OFFSHORE PROJECT MANAGER (This candidate is looking for a £100K package, UK)

Ref: CANDN20105

Attainment of a broad range of skills related to the subsea engineering. 15 years experience in the offshore industry worldwide from field development and tendering through to commissioning in both technical and commercially biased roles. 9 years experience with umbilical, cables and flexible projects and 6 years in general subsea construction lead roles, project management and engineering management. BEng in Marine Technology with Honours in Offshore Engineering

WIND POWER ENGINEER - International only - (This Candidate is looking for an equivalent salary of £40K)

Ref: CANDN20104

This professional has 4 years experience working with a global renewable consultancy, he has been given large amounts of responsibility in his current position and experienced not only work in the development phase of wind projects, but also wind resource calculations, due diligence and project management. Whilst working in current position has travelled and done a lot of work throughout Europe, looking at over 300 proposed wind farms in many different countries and Environments

MSc Renewable Energy Systems Technology, Loughborough University, UK, 2005, BEng (Hons) 2.2 Materials Engineering, Loughborough University, UK, 2004

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

INVESTMENT DIRECTOR (This Candidate is looking for a £100K salary + Bonus)

Ref: CANDN20101

Investment Director focussed on originating deals through exploiting Intellectual Property, licensing, joint venture and strategic acquisitions in preparation for funding and exit. Investing and working directly with funds such as, MASDAR, Cleantech funds and management teams to create opportunities. Managing the process including, growth, strategy, financing and technology commercialisation through to expansion stage.

Experienced in working within sectors; Cleantech, Energy/Water and Infrastructure Funds of up to $250m and in territories; UAE, UK and US.

· Strong relationships with Financial Institutions, Funds, PE, Private Investors and Corporates

· Originating deals and identifying new markets for investments, developing and implementing expansion plans for growth; (licensing, operations, local partners and funding)

· Assessing and driving investee/technology business’s performance, developing strategy, operations working closely with management teams

· Financial analysis, working with leverage and financing team to ensure strong financial performance

DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (This Candidate is looking for £70k + OTE salary)

Ref: CANDN20102

This professional sources, evaluates, and works with a wide range of clean technology and environmentally focused business’s in developing and promoting their business, offering a model in Europe, Middle East and the US. These businesses are cutting edge clean technology start-ups/ early stage operations that have strong IP and technical ability – but lacking in core business development, partnership and venturing skills. Once contracted his role has been to continue the relationship by developing a detailed business sales, marketing and partnership strategy that maximises the business IP in generating revenues and then create and deliver sales. He has also contributes to operational and financial structuring as well as sourcing project funding/ investment. As a result of this he has an extensive senior business contact base at board, operations and governmental level.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT/TECHNICAL DIRECTOR (This Candidate is looking for a £70K-£80K salary)

Rfe: CANDN20103

Highly commercial, business development & strategy manager, reported to board within energy and energy conversion technology businesses. Multicultural experience including, blue chip companies, joint ventures, SME’s, start-ups and emerging industries. Market sectors include alternative energy, automotive, marine, defense, aerospace, and construction.

Technical experience:

· Hydrogen fuel cells, reformers, electrolysis, solar thermal, PV, wind (on/off shore), geothermal, CHP, biomass/fuel, waste-to-energy.

· Internal & external combustion engines, carbon composite manufacture.

· Account management, contract negotiation & bid submission – £20M

Monday, 11 January 2010

Wind Turbine Blade Design Companies required for China Contract

We are currently working with a client in China who represents 10 Turbine Blade Manufactures in country; these companies are looking for European partners in the field of Wind Turbine Blade design who have the expertise to aid them enhance their product offerings to fulfil existing customer orders.

The Wind Turbine Blade portfolio ranges from 1.5MW, 2.0MW, 2.5MW, 3MW, 5MW for all wind classes, your company would be expected to deliver designs for this range of Turbine Blade. Should your company be selected, design workpackages are expected to be in the region €300,00 Euro's.

To discuss this opportunity in more detail, please contact us on the numbers listed for Charles& Nuttall at the top of the Page.