Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Snr European Consultancy Services Manager

Ref: CAND019

Our candidate's experience encompasses the following:
  • Wind Farms - location of turbines, effect of wakes, terrain effects. Turbine Design - Involved in several studies looking at blade design and shroud design.
  • Aeroacoustic simulations of wing tips of turbine blades, several designs of wing tip and winglet and assessed the noise sources close to the tip.
  • Marine device locations - involved in a project to look at the siting of device, and what the forces will be on that device.
  • Marine device design - modelled several wave energy converters and marine turbines.
  • Tidal gravity bases - involved in looking at the forces acting on a tidal device's gravity base.
This Candidate is looking for £70K+ Bonus

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