Thursday, 9 June 2011

Senior Head of Energy - Business Development, Solutions & Services

Ref: CANDN026 (Looking for opportunities in the Greater Yorkshire Area).

A General Manager with over 15 years’ experience working for Energy Suppliers and Services Companies who sold into a number of market sectors which included Commercial, Residential and Public Sector.
  • General management experience covers Sales, Business Development, Commercial, Strategic and Operational management 
  • Established new business units within 2 FM companies – achieving all P and L targets set
  • Managed teams up to 25 directly and around 300 indirectly
  • Established Pan-European Energy offering
Key Accounts won:
  • Private Sector - GSK, BBC, BP, IBM
  • Public Sector – Glasgow Council, Norfolk Hospital
  • Developed and implemented strategic development work for EDF Energy’s Residential Business
  • Led Commercial Development of failing business unit within EDF. Within 12 months, £10m of costs removed, £5m of new business won and led 2 potential merger discussion
Other achievements include:
  • Top Regional Manager in 2 retail organisations and top new product sales for 2 Breweries

This Candidate is looking for Salary options paying in the region of £80-90k per annum.


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